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Our Mission is to take care of all our guests by listening to everyone's needs and doing our best to offer excellent service, up to the expectations of our customers. Our entire staff is made up of professionals in the sector who, with perseverance and passion, aim to make a difference in any circumstance. Thanks to the offers, kindness and availability we want to show all guests our gratitude for the trust and esteem shown in choosing us. We want each of our guests to leave the facility with unforgettable memories of our beautiful land and our facility, determined to come back and visit us.


In our structure we create unique and unrepeatable experiences, detailed according to the needs and expectations of each individual customer, every day. We let the characteristics that make our land so special enter our structure and involve our guests throughout their stay. For this reason, every experience made within our structure is never the same as another : every moment spent with us is the result of a rare balance of constantly evolving context elements.

Value proposition

Our structure does not simply provide accommodation and catering services: we provide our guests with all our wealth of knowledge, sector skills, experience and professionalism so that all our guests are not just guests but become Special Guests .

core values

HOSPITALITY : We want each of our customers to feel welcome at our facility at any time and in any situation.

KINDNESS : Every day we work for the well-being of our guests with a smile on our faces because we love our work and we want to make ourselves available to others in any situation to make a difference, always.

CONFIDENTIALITY : We want every guest to feel at ease in living all the experiences made available by our structure, so we try to provide our services without invading the experiential spaces of our customers.

INTEGRITY : We promote the integrity of behavior within our structure through respect for individuals and the use of clear and direct communication with all our guests.

LISTENING : We attach great importance to the feedback from our guests, which represent a precious moment of growth for us.

INNOVATION : In all our services we give ample space to the innovative ideas of the resources who work with us and our partners. We constantly invest our energies in sponsoring creativity and innovation in the agri-food and hotel sector.

EXCELLENCE : We try to give our best in everything we do by pushing ourselves every day to surpass ourselves with the aim of providing ever-increasing performance in all our services.

TEAMWORK : A simple group of people does not work at our facility. Over the years we have formed a very close-knit qualified staff that manages to be what differentiates us every day from any other player on the market.

We care about you

Taking care of all our guests is our Mission.
Wanting to create new and unrepeatable experiences every day to live unique emotions and offer excellent services to all our guests, always doing our best is our unique Vision.

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