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We offer all our guests the opportunity to carry out outdoor activities to get to know our places. All activities can be booked directly at our reception and are subject to restrictions related to seat availability and weather conditions. Please make a reservation.

Equipped beach

The Lido Miramare, winner for two years in succession of prizes such as Lido Green, during the summer, has an exclusive private beach, equipped with all its amenities, including cabins, hot and cold showers. The single stations are all equipped with an umbrella and two sunbeds or two chairs, all already included in the room price. To give moments of joy to even the smallest, adjacent to the beach we have an equipped playground. For guests outside the hotel, both daily and long-term rental solutions are available. To safeguard the planet and the health of our guests, it is not allowed to bring disposable plastic that is not compostable. Smoking is also prohibited throughout the establishment except in the smoking area.

Sailing courses

On our beach there is the sailing club affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation, which organizes throughout the year sailing courses (drifts and windsurfing) for adults and children. With particular reference to the summer period the courses have a duration of one week (Monday-Friday) and are held by a qualified instructor at the federation. At the end of the course week all the students will have learned the basics of sailing and will be able to conduct the drift/ Windsurf in all gaits and to carry out some simple maneuvers. The sailing club also offers the opportunity to take advanced courses.


The territory surrounding the Miramare Hotel is morphologically very intriguing. Marine, hilly, marshy and lake landscapes alternate harmoniously. Lovers of adventure and discovery are spoiled for choice when it comes to hiking in nature:

Promontory and forest proposal: On the nose of the sorceress!

• 5-hour trekking between the woods and the sea to the top of the Circeo promontory Availability: October - June 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month / December 30th / March 31st / April 30th

• 7-hour trekking exploring the different rings of the Circeo promontory Availability: October - June 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month / December 30th / March 31st / April 30th

• 2.5 hour walk inside the forest to discover its flora and fauna Availability: 8 April / 13 May

• 2.5 hour excursion in the last flooded forest in Italy Availability: 30 March / 14- April 24-30 / May 1 / June 2

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