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La vela
food experience

Located on the ground floor of the hotel Miramare, the restaurant LA VELA boasts an exclusive location thanks to the large windows overlooking the sea.
In an elegant and prestigious environment, the Chef and his team, in constant search of excellence Pontine, guide their guests through a unique gastronomic experience, using raw materials of the territory.
In addition, the restaurant La Vela offers its guests the opportunity to complete the taste experience by accompanying their meals with a wide selection of wines, thanks to a very wide and varied cellar that offers many local and national labels ranging from the most traditional and well-known to the most innovative from organic and biodynamic wineries.

Our philosophy

La Vela, boasts an exceptional location thanks to the large windows overlooking the sea. In an elegant and prestigious environment the staff of the restaurant La Vela accompanies its guests to discover the territory of the Agopontino through a unique and unrepeatable food and wine experience.

La Vela

During the summer the La Vela restaurant offers its guests the opportunity to have light and quick meals at its bistro overlooking the beach. The large equipped terrace overlooking the beach throughout the day is available to be used as a relaxation area and to enjoy simple and quick meals without sacrificing taste and quality. In front of the spectacle of a crystalline sea it is possible to have breakfast, have lunch with a salad or with light and healthy express dishes prepared with care every day by the hot table service, relax with delicious aperitifsor simply have a chat with friends over a coffee, a fresh juice or an iced drink. La Vela Bistrot also carefully selects all the raw materials it uses for the preparation of the dishes it offers, respecting the same levels of quality as the restaurant.

La Vela opens the doors of Molino '7Cento to you

La Vela is pleased to share with its guests the experience of a journey inside a small, young farm with a huge tradition. Set like a pearl between the peaks of the Lepini Mountains and the Alban Hills, the Azienda Agricola Molino '7cento carries on day after day with dedication and extraordinary seriousness a new concept of agriculture by combining ancient techniques and new generation tools, managing to offer quality products. very high and with a perfect balance. The production capacity limited to only 22 hectares of land and the continuous search for perfection mean that the products of this company are distributed exclusively through privileged channels, reaching the tables and kitchens of a few true lovers of good food.

In our room you can taste
exclusively the Molino '7cento products:

Extra virgin olive oil
Itrana quality extra virgin olive oil The Itrana olive, also known as the Trana olive, is a very vigorous and rustic plant, which produces a fruit with an unmistakable taste. Known since ancient Rome, its peculiarity is the decidedly late ripening: February-March. With the support of an ultramodern oil mill in the area that allows the olives to be pressed in the absence of air, the Molino '7Cento farm produces an oil with a yellow-green color and an intense, fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavor with notes of tomato. green and herbaceous

Vegetables from organic farming in a colorful garden surrounded by a vineyard interspersed with rose and broom plants, the Molino '7cento company carries on its own path of organic farming proudly boasting the relative certification. Pesticides, pesticides and products of chemical origin are banned from the garden, which have given way to distillates and decoctions of vegetable origin based, for example, on thyme or rosemary leaves

from grapes ripened in a vineyard owned by the Molino '7cento company lying on a hill, a chardonnay wine with a straw yellow color and the scent of ripe fruit is born: apple, banana and pineapple

Molino Bianco
this mature and stable wine aged one year in an oak barrel has the characteristics of chardonnay intact with the addition of woody notes that give it a richness of flavor and aroma with an extraordinary balance

from a splendid black grape vineyard owned by the Molino '7cento, a wine with a ruby ​​red color is born, with a very evident structure and a soft flavor reminiscent of ripe red fruits

Molino rosso
This wine, after resting for a year in an oak barrel, is definitely fortified by the process of oxygenation and exchange with wet wood, releasing intense and persistent flavors but at the same time full and velvety.

Saffron from Cori in stigmas
This spice, known since ancient times for its countless beneficial properties on health and man, is cultivated by the Molino '7cento company through completely manual processes that respect old tractions handed down over the centuries: hand at the first light of dawn in November, this spice obtained from a small purple flower is processed and dried in special ovens within a few hours of harvesting in order to keep all its properties intact

La Vela offers its customers the opportunity to repeat this experience even within the walls of their own home thanks to the limited distribution of these retail products.

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