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An Odyssey of Emotions in Circe Land!


On the nose of herself!
Tekking climbs between the forest and the sea to the highest point of the Park.
Duration 5 hours

From October to June: 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
December: 30 | March: 31 | April: 30

Alternatively on the same dates:
The Ring of Circe
A ring trek allows you to "embrace" the promontory.
Duration 7 hours.

Nature … in all directions!
You can use all the senses to explore the forest.
Duration 2,5 hours

September: 24 | December: 10 | April: 08 <182 > | May: 13

The Great Swamp
The Circeo is the last flooded forest in Italy.

Duration 2,5 hours

March: 30 | April: 14-24-30 | May: 1 | June: 2




From the Sea
The canoe offers a new perspective on the promontory and the seabed.

The paddle rhythm
The canoe is the best way to enjoy the " lake atmosphere.

Duration of 3 hours.

September: 2-3-9-10-17-18-24-25 | From April to June: All Saturdays and Sundays of the month (from September to April at 15:00)

Please note that children under 8 years must be accompanied, costs include canoe and safety deposit.




The gods among the waves
The park is the ideal place to discover myths and legends on the sea.
Duration 2 hours

September: 1-7-29 > October : 28 > November: 1 29 | February: 24 | March: 24 | April: 7-16 | May: 26 (October to April at 15:00).



The rational use of water was an insatiable virtue of the Romans!
Villa Domiziano: imperial wisdom and wisdom!

Duration 2,5 hours

September: 1-3-9-15-17-23-30 | From October to June: All Saturdays of the month | 1 ^ and 3 ^ Sunday of the month

The activity can also be done by boat.

The Secrets of the Duchess's Garden
Ada Wilbraham invited his guests to take a stroll in Africa … come also to you
Duration 2 hours

September: 3-9-17-24-30 | From October to June: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month (10am) | 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (15:30) and also | October: 31 | December: 8-30 | January: 5 | April: <100 > 25 | May: 1 | June: 2-29
Le prenotazioni sono obbligatorie per tutte le attività: Istituto Pangea Onlus c/o Centro Visitatori del Parco Nazionale del Circeo Via Carlo Alberto n. 148 04016 Sabaudia (LT) Tel./Fax. 0773 511352 Mobile 348 3617966